7 noiembrie 2008


Good morning Bro...you must be very busy now..yup....i hope you not forgetting your camera Bro...i'm looking forward again to be team up with you to shoot some "WildThings" out there...Ok,Hope you ready for another long flight Bro..Be seeing you here in Sandakan on the 10th November..I'll come to see you at the airport by 1630 hrs right..
I booked @east Boutique Hotel just right at the Waterfront next to your BnB last time..Only for Rm 88.00 per night inclusive breakfast..facing to the sea...Convenient place in the evening to got some Beers Bro..
I booked on the 12th to Bilit only for 1 night,we travelling with another 2 pax on that day and stick with the programme..and meet some guy by the name Mus who going to show us the place..And,these one back to Ms.Jessie..I've talked to her already about your visits..and she will give you super discount for these...
Bro,would you prefer to See and visit the island before or after the River..?much easier for me to book the boat for us...Boat Charter will be Rm 500.00..Return Transfer..
Give me a call when you arrive malaysia,and dont forget to bring your raincoat,it's rainy season now...but, no worry..you're are coming back..it will be sunny..because we're going
out to take some photo right...
Bro,the kids wants to have a lots of chocolate,can you bring some for them..?they gonna love it Bro..
My camera,so far so good..my plan to get the camera flash and a good tripod..Cause some time i went out at night to catch some rare photo..will bring you there...
So,will see you on Monday Bro..enjoy your flight and Welcome back to Malaysia..